Highline Slopestyle

When: Thursday to Saturday 7th March,
> Practice: Thursday and Friday
> Qualifying: 9:00am – 1:00pm Saturday
> Finals: 4:30pm – 6:00pm Sunday
What: this is an certified Bronze Level event on the Freeride MTB World Tour
Who: with full FMB status it will attract the best slopestyle riders from the region and overseas.
Where: The ‘Toboggan Slope’ – right next to the Village Square
Event format: Jumps, hits, tricks and style…Show us what you’ve got!
The track: The crew from All Terrain Cycles (Shannon Rademaker @ ATC)  are building a custom Slopestyle course right in the centre of Mt Buller with 4 massive features providing plenty of action.
Prize money: Riders will compete for CASH and Prizes! 

CLICK HERE to visit the separate website for the event with further details (soon!)

Bringing the HIGH to Mt Buller this summer, watch riders throw down the coolest, radest and bad as tricks and style on a custom course designed and setup by ATC’s very own Shannon Rademaker and Gaelen Slaney.

The 2018 event was huge with a 3 feature course, but that has been SUPERSIZED for 2020 with full Bronze Level certification on the Freeride MTB World Tour and an expanded 4 feature course.

We are stoked to showcase this discipline of mountain biking at Mt Buller for the competitors and spectators. 

Riders will judged using the traditional slopestyle score card on best style and trick for each of the 3 features. The Rider with the highest points out of 100 after 2 runs WINS! 

  • Amplitude: Height of jumps, also called air. Bigger tricks score higher.
  • Difficulty: Degree of difficulty of the tricks.
  • Execution: How well the athletes perform their tricks. For example tight rotation, clean style, and smooth landing.
  • Variety: The difference of the tricks within the run. Doing the same trick of all the jumps will not score highly even if it is a very difficult trick.
  • Progression: How the trick selection progresses the sport, for example brand new tricks will score high because they push the sport forward.
  • Combinations or flow: The way the athletes string the tricks together. Having to slow down or otherwise reset after a trick will lose points.
  • Overall: The whole package, including the athlete’s personal style.

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