Rules and Safety

Racing Rules

The following rules apply for all stages:

  • Competitors must start / finish and complete the full course on a non-motorised bicycle.
  • Competitors must ride the complete course as marked and directed, passing through all checkpoints. Taking shortcuts or using any unfair means of obtaining an advantage over other competitors will result in disqualification. It is the riders’ responsibility to ensure that the correct course is followed!
  • All competitors must wear a certified bike helmet at ALL times. This must be a full face helmet for the following races: Gravity Enduro and ABOM Downhill.
  • All competitors must carry the listed compulsory equipment from the start through to the finish for the following races: Epic Trail 42km, Gravity Enduro and Corn Hill 20km. Failure to carry the listed equipment will result in a 20 minute time penalty per item found missing.
  • Riders must comply with the mandatory gear requirements for each race as explained on the ‘Bikes and Equipment’ page here.
  • Riders who withdraw at any time after the start must advise a marshal of their withdrawal immediately.
  • Race numbers must be displayed on the front handlebars at all times and cannot be modified or cut down in size in any way.
  • Riders may only accept mechanical assistance on the course by other registered racers and race staff/volunteers. No other assistance may be accepted from external support crews or the general public.
  • One competitor cannot provide assistance in forward progression (pushing / pulling / towing), or provide/carry food or drinks to another competitor in another category except in emergency circumstances.
  • Prior to being accepted into the event, all participants must read and agree to the Terms of Entry and Waiver. This is done via your online entry process. Parents/Guardians of riders under 18 years of age must sign a hard copy of the Terms of Entry and Waiver.
  • Pedal assisted e-bikes may be used provided they do not have a power output greater than 250watts or a powered speed faster than 25km/hr. E-bikes will have their own category and will not be eligible for age group or overall prizes or prize money.
  • Australian Road Rules apply at all times on all roads, tracks and trails.
  • Only registered riders or marshals / officials may ride on the course.
  • Riders are only eligible to win prizes in the category in which they register.
  • Failure to abide by rules may result in a time penalty or disqualification.
  • Rapid Ascent has sole discretion to alter or amend the race format or the rules in order to increase the safety of participants or for any other reason deemed appropriate.
  • All protests must be lodged with the Race Director within 15 minutes of the official results being posted / presented. A judging panel of three Rapid Ascent staff (including the Race Director) will adjudicate on all protests and other contentious matters, and their decision will be final.
  • If the race is cancelled or called off after it has started, as soon as you have been notified of the cancellation it is each rider’s responsibility to get themselves back to either the Start or Finish areas.
  • Littering the course with inner tubes, food wrappers or any other rubbish will result in instant disqualification from the race.

Emergency Plans and Safety


Please note that Rapid Ascent reserves the right to change or alter the course from the description above (due to fire, private landowners or other reasons) and that any changes will be clearly communicated to riders through any of the following means:

  • during registration via announcements on the PA and notice posted on the race notice board in the village square
  • when riders are assembled at the start line or
  • when riders pass a checkpoint
  • and/or via an SMS send to all riders’ phones


If you have a serious crash or injury whilst out on the course we suggest the following procedures:

  • if you are able and without incurring further injury, move off the actual line of travel so you are out of the way of other riders and cannot cause further injury to yourself or others
  • stay beside the course / track at all times – do not try and find your own way to a road by cutting ‘cross country’
  • seek assistance from other riders as they come past – tell them to relay a message forward to the next marshal and checkpoint confirming your location and suspected injuries
  • Phone Sam (0400 001 786) or John (0408 035 261) and describe your position, details of the emergency/injury, number of the rider who requires attention
  • stay calm and use your First Aid Kit. Help will be on its way as soon as possible.
  • A ‘Grim Sweeper’ will follow the last riders along the course so they will come across all competitors along the course.
  • Event withdrawal for non-emergency reasons

If you wish to withdraw from the event because of fatigue, mechanical failure, an injury or any other reason AFTER YOU HAVE REGISTERED please tell a race official. We need to keep track of what riders are out on the course. So if you wake up on Saturday morning (having registered on Friday) with the flu and will not be riding please tell us so we know you will not be on the course.

If you started the race and are out on the course and want to withdraw please tell the next marshal. For non-emergency withdrawals we can only arrange for a race official to come and pick you up from a checkpoint rather than anywhere on the course.

If you get lost on the trail

  • If you think you are lost or have gone the wrong way we suggest you follow these procedures.
  • STOP! Sit down, have a drink of water and assess the situation with a clear mind. Consider where you are.
  • Think about where you last saw a course marker – how far back do you think it was (200m, 700m or 2km)? Are there other bike tracks along the track where you are?
  • When you are certain you have gone wrong and can recall the last course marker, backtrack along the exact route you came to find the course. Be aware of how far back you have gone and try to limit yourself to what you decided. Use your bike computer or look at your watch for time.
  • STAY ON TRACKS AT ALL TIMES – do not try and cut cross country back to a track or take a short cut. You are best to follow the route you came in on and go back the way you came.


If you have ‘a mechanical’ out on the course, you are entitled to accept the assistance of other riders and still continue. If you have a mechanical failure, cannot fix it out on the course and are taken to the Village Square by outside assistance (e.g. in the sag wagon or in someone else’s car) to get your bike fixed but wish to continue with your ride:

  • advise an official when you get to them
  • we are happy for you to return to the race course but will remove your number and your timing tag and you will be considered as an ‘unranked’ rider. Unranked riders may complete the rest of the course but will not be listed in the official results as having finished the event and are not eligible for any prizes.
  • It is the rider’s responsibility to carry sufficient tools with you and fix your own bike if you experience any mechanical failures.


We are in constant communication with DEPI, Parks Victoria and the CFA about the prospect of a fire in the region of the event. We have made a commitment not to compromise the safety of any competitors, any CFA, PV or DEPI personnel dispatched to attend a fire, any private land owners or the wilderness and surrounding areas as a result of the Bike Buller Festival.

As a result, there is a chance that any course could change on the day or the event could be postponed or the event could be cancelled all together. We have a number of alternative routes that will still allow the event to continue. The event will only be cancelled if there are extreme fire weather conditions in the area over the entire weekend and it is determined that the fire danger is too great to permit cyclists to go through the course.

Declaration of a Code Red (catastrophic) fire danger rating for the Alpine fire district on the event weekend will mean that that days racing will be postponed.

Declaration of a Total Fire Ban on race day DOES NOT mean the event will be automatically cancelled or postponed.

Declaration of an “extreme” fire danger rating for the Alpine fire district on any of the event days will result in discussions with land managers. Riders will be advised of the outcome as detailed below. The event MAY still continue OR it may be postponed.

Any change of course, evacuation or event cancellation will be communicated to competitors as soon and as safely as possible, through any of the following means:

  • at the event registration area at the Village Square
  • when riders are assembled at the start line
  • when riders pass a checkpoint
  • all messages will be copied and placed on the official event notice board in the Village Square and on the event website.
  • And via an SMS send to riders’ phones

Once again, either of these changes would be a last resort, but we respect rider safety, the landowners, residents, flora and fauna of this beautiful part of the world in extreme circumstances.